Shang Rong Logo

The Shang Rong Logo is depicted in bold font type to emphasise the business raring to make changes to keep ahead of challenges. The 2 Chinese Words – 商榮 – hold a valuable meaning which refers to glorious commerce. The tagline is part of our vision in being a world class logistician with quality service and standards.  With our year of incorporation “Since 1982” below.


Shangrong Chinese Logo

Shalom Dove & Shang Rong Logo

A stocky dove with a small head, short legs, and signature 4 tails logo. It comprises the shalom dove with olive branch, on a shalom worded banner and the Chinese name of our logo 商榮 on the right with our year of incorporation “Since 1982” below. 

A dove with an olive twig in its core represents the symbol of peace. 


The Story of Our Shalom Dove Logo

In 1981 we started a van delivery service with a name that will give us affinity to the christian community. We decided on Shalom in which in Hebrew means Peace. Additionally this was found in the book of judges with a verse stated “Gideon built an altar to the Lord and called it Jehovah Shalom.” We decided on this name Shalom as our eldest son is named Gideon, however we did not include the word Jehovah as it is translated to “the Lord” which is God’s name, said by our founder Mr Simon Lam.

In 1982, Shalom was fully established with the logo of the dove. The dove was chosen to be the spirit of our logo as Shalom means Peace and Dove with an olive twig symbolises Peace as well.

Initially, the Shalom Dove was drawn with slimmer body but as time passed and with our business expansion, the Shalom Dove was re-drawn with higher body mass as prosperity while the 4 tails remain as our signature logo without changes.