Commercial movers – who are they?

Relocating to another place in Singapore is easier said than done. It might be manageable when you’re transferring from your dorm to another, but when we speak of moving to your new office or warehouse, it’s a different level.

So how do we achieve this safely and economically? The simple answer is through professional commercial movers.

By hiring their office moving services and storage services, you’ll unburden yourself with the hassle and physical strain. Today, we will share with you the benefits we can reap when availing of the services of commercial movers in Singapore and why these moving companies do a great job.

What is a Commercial Mover?

A commercial mover is a moving company that assists businesses in warehouse or new office moving, particularly the planning, coordination, and execution of the movement.

Specifically, professional office movers offer office relocation services, office moving services, disposal services, packing services, house moving services, storage services, site surveys, and handyman services.


for Hiring a Commercial Mover

1.      No Rental Fees

The most obvious costs during the relocation process are the rental fees for the vehicles, equipment, and manpower. These can be avoided if you hire a commercial mover who will take care of the needed trucks, crates packing materials, and everything required for the transfer. The best moving company Singapore has lets you save from these costs and other hidden costs that you might overlook.

Aside from the costs associated with the relocation services or storage services, you’ll realize that it takes time to canvass and avail of the rentals individually. It will eat up your team’s time because they need to secure the needed office moving equipment.

2.      Hassle-Free Transition

Relocating is an exciting experience but it won’t be worth it if you’re stressed out during the office moving process. If you tap the moving services of a professional mover, you and your team can relax and work on minimal issues. Also, relocating can disrupt your business operations. However, if you tap the services of a commercial mover, your business can run as usual with minimal disruptions. Qualified professional movers move systematically so they know what to do.

3.      Asset Protection

If you have office furniture or company equipment that requires extra caution when handling, you need the moving services of a commercial mover. If you don’t pack or crate your assets well, it might result in damage, resulting in more costs associated with damaged assets.

During the move, it’s important to have peace of mind. The commercial or office movers assure you that the items are in good hands. Professional movers are licensed and insured, which means they get the whole office move covered in case there are accidents.

4.      Nothing is Left Out

Human as we are, we tend to forget a lot of things, even the important ones. Professional movers make sure that nothing gets missed by carefully checking if everything on the list has been taken care of.

If we forget minute things like cables and wires, commercial movers won’t. They will even help you troubleshoot connections during the transfer.

5.      Right Manpower & Equipment

You might receive assistance from your office staff during the office move but it might not be enough and places too much physical strain on them. Office movers are ready to offer storage services and relocation services for you.

Office movers assess the requirements of the transfer and the corresponding manpower and equipment to do the job. If you are moving an industrial plant or data centre, for example, you would need special vehicles and equipment to get the job done.

Certified commercial movers already have this capacity through their office moving services or storage services.

6.      Law Compliance

Laws governing the movement of goods or materials need to be complied with. Professional office movers have a decent amount of knowledge concerning local laws and also have special permits for them. They offer disposal services and commercial moving services that are compliant with the local laws.

Examples of these laws include the transfer of hazardous materials, proper loading or unloading rules, and crossing different road systems such as public roads, tunnels, and bridges. The recommended movers Singapore can offer are compliant with these laws.

Qualities of a Great International Movers

With many qualified international movers to choose from in the moving industry, choose office movers in Singapore with the

following qualities:

·        Quality service

·        Excellent service

·        Flexible storage solutions

·        Efficient relocation services and disposal services

·        No hidden costs

·        Additional services


Well, there you have it. Whether the commercial moving process is big or small, a commercial mover makes the entire process successful by making it easier and safer. If you want to save money and time, hiring Singapore movers would be the wise option.