Moving Fragile Items in Singapore

Expat moving to Singapore from abroad usually have two common issues to handle; one being the moving of bulky and heavy items and another being the moving of fragile items from abroad to Singapore. Both require specialized packing materials, tools, and manpower to handle the moving, so these items can be moved securely and safely. In today’s article, we will be focusing on the moving of fragile items to Singapore. If you require professional help in handling fragile items for your moving, you can consider engaging professional removalists in Singapore to do the hard work for you.

The handling of fragile items is important so we do not damage them during the transit from your old location to the new location. In order to do this effectively, you need to have the right packing materials and tools in hand. You also need to be experienced in packing these and make sure the important surface and angle are covered with protective materials. There is always that chance of accidents happening during moving so always protect your items with adequate materials.

Here is a list of materials you’ll need to move fragile items securely and safely from abroad to Singapore (Note that the list here may not be comprehensive and additional materials may be needed for special items):

  • Lots of bubble wrap or foam. This is to protect the item from external damage that may be caused by incidentally. Damaging your item during moving can be a stressful event to you and may even cause injury to others.
  • Tape and Scissors. This is to tape the bubble wrap or the foam together in place, to make sure the items are secured accordingly. You must also be careful with the scissors and make sure that the scissors are visible at all times.
  • Old Newspaper or Cloth. This is to cover the exposed angles of the fragile item you are transporting. They act as an additional buffer for your fragile item it case you knocked them over the corner of the wall when transporting.
  • Double Wall Corrugated Box. Double-wall provides more strength to your box to contain the items so they can be transported safely by you from one place to another.

Here are some packing tips from professional removalists in Singapore when it comes to moving fragile items:

  1. Make sure to wrap all your fragile items with foam or bubble wrap. This includes your cups, mugs, plates, picture frames, etc. Once done, you will need to seal the wrapping tightly with tapes so it the wrapping doesn’t come off easily.
  2. In your double-wall corrugated box, layer the bottom of the box with an old newspaper. Then, move your wrapped fragile items into the box. Heavy items should go in first. You can stack the remaining of the box space with light items eventually.
  3. Once this is done, there are bound to be gaps in between the fragile items inside the box. For safety purposes, these gaps must be filled. You can fill the gap with an old newspaper or bubble wrap. The reason for this is we do not want the fragile items to move inside the box during transit.
  4. You can then sealed the box with tape and it is ready for transport.
  5. Repeat the process with other items.

These are some of the basic steps when it comes to moving fragile items. There would be a different process if it involves the movement of fragile items that are heavy or bulky, such as a piano or a large photo frame. On top of that, these items require special handling and unpacking process. Many removalists in Singapore are trained in this process so they can quickly help you transport fragile items, whether big or small. Sometimes it pays to engage removalists in Singapore to do the work for you.