Four Things to Look For in a Moving Company | Moving Service in Singapore

Moving is already stressful as it is, but hiring a moving service in Singapore can make or break the entire ordeal. Think about it, you’ll be entrusting most of your belongings to a crew of strangers with the hope that they’ll eventually make it to your destination unscathed and whole. Thus, getting this decision wrong can cost you a lot of time and money.

To avoid this, here are some of the things that you should absolutely look for in a moving company before you commit to hiring them:

  1. Reputation

While accolades from third-party institutions will certainly not guarantee anything, they can help you narrow your search when it comes to hiring a moving service in Singapore. Often, these awards or certifications reflect a company’s performance within their industry, and can thus give you an approximation of the level of confidence you can have towards their performance.

Another route, albeit one that you should tread carefully, is referring to your trusted family members, friends, or acquaintances. It’s not unlikely that some people within your close social circle have already experienced moving before, so asking for their recommendations based on their personal experiences on the matter could steer you to the right direction.

Take this approach with a grain of salt though, as each person’s experiences could vary widely, which means while your friend may have had a really comfortable time with their moving company, the company’s crew or policies may not personally fit well for you. As such, do your homework while also keeping in mind their opinions.

Ultimately, through whichever means you find it necessary, a reputable and experienced moving company should be your go-to bet to ensure a pleasant moving experience.

  • Professionalism

Due to the complexity of the job at hand, your selected moving company should have the necessary experience and trained personnel. This often translates to the company having years of experience within the field, as well as the proper licenses and accreditation necessary within your area.

Experience is the best indicator of professionalism and is your main criterion for evaluating the quality of a moving company. If they’ve been in the business for decades now, then it shows that they’re clearly doing something right and that enough customers are willing to place their bets on the company.

Additionally, a long history in the field allows their crew to be much better equipped at handling situations when things actually don’t go as planned, since at this point, they’ve probably almost seen it all.

  • Transparency 

A good litmus test for picking a professional and honest moving company is an email or phone call requesting for a quote. The gold standard in the industry for an accurate quote is conducting a site visit prior to releasing a definite figure.

This is done for two main reasons: first, so that the company can have a solid basis on the actual amount of work needed to be done and thus charge accordingly, and second, so they can plan out and foresee any possible challenges posed by the location.

A moving company that provides a flat out rate without even asking for details such as the distance between points A and B and the number of items that need to be transported raises some red flags.

Additionally, in the area of a moving company’s honesty, customer service is often king. A moving company’s email and phones should be open for inquiries and the operator should be able to provide information that are necessary for the transaction, as well as avoid omitting certain details, especially in the billing.

  • Affordability

Moving is often an expensive affair. From the purchase or leasing of the actual place you’re moving to, to the charges that come with transferring utilities and services. It’s no surprise that the actual moving process sometimes gets the shorter end of the stick.

In hiring moving companies, however, affordability does not necessarily mean a low price. Remember, this is not an item you are purchasing, rather, it is a complicated service with several moving parts and involved personnel. Thus, an extremely low rate should trigger an alarm for you as it could potentially end up costing you much more in damaged or lost items.

As such, look for reasonably priced moving companies and always remember that cost, especially for a service-oriented company, often reflects the quality of the experience that you’ll be getting.

So these are the key qualities that you should keep in mind when looking for a moving service in Singapore to hire. Fortunately for you, Shang Rong International Movers has all these qualities. With 37 years of experience, a suite of awards and recognition, as well as countless positive customer reviews, transparency in their business proceedings, and affordability of their services, you surely won’t go wrong!